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Security Cameras have come a long way from the grainy and poor resolution of the past. With end-to-end solutions and integration you can now get alerts in real time regardless of where you are and you can check things from any iOS or Android. No matter how big or small we can help find the right products for your company. You can now manage: employees by tracking door access, time & attendance; parking lots with license plate capturing and recognition; visitors and your public areas all while on the go, in real time or historic footage. 

Let us show you how cameras can boost profitability, productivity and help make your job easier.

Fisheye Camera

Fisheye Cameras

  • Avoid blind spots

  • Larger coverage area with fewer cameras

  • Dewarping for panoramic views

License Plate Capturing

License Plate Capturing and Recognition

  • High Speed Capturing

  • Headlight Suppression

  • Allow access into secured areas

  • Remote focus

  • Reliable day or night

Transaction Footage

  • Cash drawer open can be time and date stamped for easy review

  • Get alerts when voiding transactions, canceling orders or for a specific item

  • HD video footage on your phone or tablet

Transaction Footage
Heat Map

Actionable Analytics

  • People Counting - track the number of people entering your store

  • Heat Map - helps you visualize hot zones to help improve store design

  • Data Analysis - real time and historic customer counting across multiple stores

Access Control

Access Control

  • Remotely add or delete cards, users, controllers, and access groups

  • Web interface for historical log search with corresponding video

  • Time & attendance reports

  • Payroll calculation



  • Seamlessly view POS, LPC/LPR, Access Control and Actionable Analytics

  • Remote access via iOS/Android for live view and recordings

  • Setup a video wall across multiple screens by drag-and-drop.

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