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At this new critically acclaimed fast casual restaurant, we were brought in to provide an acoustically and visually stunning A/V implementation. The team that brought you Juniper & Ivy, wanted an outdoor space that felt rustic and all the while had all of the tech capabilities of their other restaurants.


To achieve these goals we designed and implemented a multi-zone audio system consisting of outdoor landscape style speakers and subwoofers for coverage of both the bocce court and the outdoor seating under the trellis. These two zones are being driven by Crown CDi1000 amplifiers housed in a rack in the managers office. The remaining zones in the kitchen, bathrooms, and bar area are powered by the SpeakerCraft MRA66. The MRA66 controls switching between 3 streaming music sources and a COX Cable Box to provide ample audio sources to all areas of the restaurant. Also in the rack is a 9 channel mixer with bus outputs allowing both the microphone at the pick-up window, and the sound that alerts food runners that a meal is ready to be delivered, to be heard over the same speakers as the music.

For video they wanted something slightly more unique than just TV's on the wall and we opted for a 2x2 videowall consisting of 4x 50" LED displays. The videowall can display content from 1 source over all of its screens as seen in the pictures below, or can play content from up to 4 different sources across any combination of TVs. Along with the videowall are 2x 65" LED displays showing sports content and 2x 50" digital signage displays for showing off their 20 beers and 8 wines on tap.

As this is a primarily outdoor space, security was a huge concern. We utilized a mix of 1080P security cameras, outdoor motion detection and integration with a 3rd party private security company. For more information, please contact us using our contact form here.


To tie the whole system together we utilized the gSC and g1 controllers from ELAN to provide a simple and intuitive user interface where mangers and staff can control audio sources and volume levels; TV power, volume and channel control as well as view security cameras, climate control settings and security metrics.

The Crack Shack San Diego

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