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Business A/V Systems
Restaurant / Bar A/V Systems
Home Automation

From outfitting a single conference room with a TV and microphone array to a complete conference hall full of rooms, we can provide competitive solutions to fit your business needs.

We are the premier installer of ELAN Home Automation and Control Systems in San Diego County. With extensive experience and manufacturer backing in large custom homes we specialize in new construction and full remodel solutions.


Whether you're the contractor or the owner, new construction or remodel; Paradise InfoTech has the right solutions for your space. With our extensive experience, we can design and install a solution that fits the atmosphere you're looking for.

Looking for a solution to add some style and ambiance to your commercial space? Look no further. From basic background audio, to complete digital signage packages and videowalls, Paradise InfoTech can deliver on time and on budget to meet your specifications.

Our security and surveillance systems utilize products tested and proven in casinos and Fortune 500 companies around the world. We can develop and implement a solution that will properly cover any area no matter how large or complex.

Too often we see customers lured in by a low-price offer from an unscrupulous vendor, only to find out that it didn't include all of the features they wanted. Let us take a no-cost, no-obligation second look at any design to ensure you're getting everything you want!

Commercial A/V Systems
Surveillance Systems
Paradise Infotech Second Opinion
Second Opinion
Commercial Surveillance Systems
Commercial Audio/Video Systems
Home Automation and Large A/V Systems
Business Audio/Video Systems
Restaurant and Bar Audio/Video Systems


For any inquiries, questions or other communication, please call: 619-928-9282 or fill out the following form and we will get back to you ASAP


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Paradise InfoTech was founded as a full service IT company in San Diego with a mission to provide the highest customer satisfaction and the best end user experience possible. Through the utilization of industry-leading tools and the first-rate technicians, we have grown to support many companies in greater San Diego County.  

As those customers worked with us, they began asking if we could offer them additional services beyond IT support for their businesses. Many clients wanted custom A/V solutions and home automation for their homes and businesses, while others desired to use or expand WiFi to enable new areas of their offices or new technologies. Our dedicated A/V and network designers can help design a system that fits your exact needs. From single room theaters to high rise apartment complexes no job is too large or complex.


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Paradise Infotech
Paradise Infotech Customer Service
Paradise Infotech

With our group of highly trained technicians, we are able to provide exceptionally fast on-site service and quick resolutions to any problems you may be having. Our technicians are manufacturer trained on all of the technology we install. We achieve nearly 100% same day response times for onsite service calls.

Fast Response Times
Single Trip Resolutions and No Recurring Issues

We have one of the industry's highest one-touch resolution rates, which leads to quicker solutions for you and no lingering frustrating problems. Every solution is tested and verified by both the technician and you to verify that everything is working perfectly before we mark a problem as solved.


We strive to have the very best service in the industry. Not middle of the pack, not better than most, the best. From the beginning to the end of the project (and after!) you will have an open line of communication with your project manager up to and including the owner of the company. Don't believe it? Give us a call and let us prove it to you!

Exceptional Service Before and After the Sale

What does all of this add up to? We care about our clients and customers. We want the best for them and strive in every facet of our business to give you the best possible solution with the highest reliability, security and consistency. Our mission statement is to provide technology that simplifies and enriches the lives of our clients. We'll do our absolute best to provide you with a solution that meets those criteria. Give us a call or send in an email and let us prove it to you!

We Care
Paradise Infotech

“Zack and Carlos are top notch and always come through in a pinch. Good work Gentlemen!”

— Mike Gulino, Universal Protection/Citywide Electronics

“These guys are like a full order of greatness with a side of awesome sauce.”

— Tim Beaty, Western Towing

“When you need advice for a device, call Paradise. Need a good price on a device, call Paradise. Don’t roll the dice or think twice, go with Paradise. They’ll be on it like white on rice.”

— The Crack Shack

"Thank you, as always, for prompt and accurate service. It's great to have a team of professionals I can rely on for my technology needs."

— Anna Rowland

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